The challenges facing humanity are complex. This site is for all people who want to come together and discuss issues and possible solutions in an honest and respectful way. This site is about sharing ideas on how to make the world a better place, collaborating to refine those ideas, and finding inspiration and support to take action and make that better future happen. We recognize there can be more than one answer, and that together people can pursue multiple solutions concurrently.

This is a place to dig deep into the available evidence and analysis. We limit our assumptions to a minimum — that everyone participating here is concerned about the future of civilization, and prefers prosperity over destruction. How we get there is the point of discussion here. We ask “why” and “how” to get to the core of an issue or solution.

The intent for this forum is to create a place where all people can share, learn, ask questions, collect evidence, and exchange ideas. Whatever your nationality, religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), and whatever your affiliation with a political party (or lack thereof), you are welcome to participate here.

You can discuss any topic, such as:

  • Government, accountability, and rule of law
  • The environment and our sustainability
  • Civil rights, liberties, and equality
  • Entertainment, games, and sports
  • Business, liability, and responsibility
  • Availability and quality of education for all
  • Nutritious food and clean water
  • Automation and human labor
  • … and more

If you’re interested in these topics, or any other topics that involve making the world a better place or avoiding disaster, I hope you’ll join the conversation here, or join our Facebook page.


Jonathan Buhacoff