The project will be a place where people with a variety of perspectives can have an honest and respectful conversation about how to make the world a better place. It will be a place where people can start or join structured conversations about any topic. The structured conversation system will keep track of opinions, claims, evidence, facts, concerns, questions, problem statements, proposals, and more. It will make it possible for participants to see the current state of the conversation, express support for what’s already been said, or to contribute something new. And it will promote a higher level of discourse about modern challenges and the future of civilization.

The project will allow any person to register and participate. There will be geography-based and topic-based communities to help people find each other for conversation. There will be rules of communication and conduct. The rules will be designed to promote constructive conversation. A combination of moderators and tools will help people follow the rules for their collective benefit. There will also be ice-breakers to help people with different backgrounds to find something in common and start building rapport with each other.

The project will maintain a list of proposals and their consensus among its participants, a list of hot topics, and a list of all the conversation threads that are happening.

A non-profit organization will be formed for public benefit to raise money to build and operate the project, which will be focused on bringing people together, facilitating the conversations, and publishing the artifacts such as the list of proposals.

A separate non-profit organization will be formed to promote the proposals by reaching out to civic leaders, business leaders, elected and appointed officials, elected representatives, political action committees, or anyone else who cares to take action to further promote or implement the proposals.