Unethical labor union laws


Ordering a company to bargain on request by an adversarial organization is a violation of the proposed right to consent because whatever the outcome of that “bargain”, the company owners don’t want it, and the labor union can continue to demand further bargaining without limit.

Ordering a company that is not the direct employer to bargain doesn’t make sense. Let’s say Google executives agree to higher pay. That means they’ll need to pay Cognizant more for the service. What happens if Cognizant executives pocket the extra money instead of raising salaries? Will Google executives be liable for that? What if Google executives agree to some other bargain and then terminate or refuse to renew the contract with Cognizant? Will the government force them to maintain the contract?

Whatever it is the union wants, if it’s legitimate they should be petitioning the government for a law that protects all workers in some way instead of coercing their employer and leaving workers of other companies unprotected.

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