Protecting law enforcement, medics, firefighters, and other first responders

This is a practical law that solves a real problem. Maybe 25ft is a lot of space. However, it must be clear that the prohibited act is to approach first responders inside this radius after being directed to stay away. If someone is still in their spot and first responders are approaching them so that the radius engulfs them, that would not be illegal. That is, first responders should not be able to criminalize anyone by merely approaching them.

If first responders need people to back off they can approach them and direct them to back off, but lack of movement should not be immediately interpreted as criminal because there could be a reason the person isn’t moving, such as injury.

Modern mobile phones and cameras have sufficient resolution and optical zoom that someone can still record what is going on from 25ft away, but the voices might not be audible. Maybe 25ft is too much space, or maybe there is another solution. In the article, someone is quoted saying that body cameras and car cameras are on but that might be only law enforcement and not medics or firefighters and also if people are concerned about accountability they will not trust law enforcement to provide full and unaltered footage. Citizens must be allowed to record the events.

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