Politics and law enforcement


An article about Republicans accusing the FBI of being politicized and promising to politicize it themselves if they get elected. Apparently politicized is only a bad word when it’s not your team in charge… Except that the current head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, a Republican, was appointed by Donald Trump, a Republican-elected president, who — before, during, and after his term as President — demanded investigations into political rivals Obama, Clinton, and Biden.

Everyone who wants a free country should be able to agree on this point — law enforcement should not be political. The people in power should not be able to use law enforcement to suppress dissent or political rivals, because that means they can stay in power indefinitely and they can do things that are unethical or criminal and there would be nobody to hold them accountable because.

If you believe that law enforcement has been politicized, then you might also agree that it shouldn’t be that way. And if you don’t believe law enforcement is currently politicized, then you might also agree that it should be possible to defend against such accusations.

Either way, the separation of law enforcement from politics should be stronger so that investigations are not influenced by politics, and raise the burden of proof for people falsely accusing law enforcement of being political.

We need a separate Investigative Branch.

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