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    The proposed right:

    No government or person shall deprive a baby from breastfeeding.


    This right protects females who are breastfeeding their babies from being denied the use and enjoyment of public and private spaces.


    This right is closely related to the right to equal opportunity.

    If there is a reason to ask a female not to breastfeed at a particular place and time, accommodations must be made to relocate to another similar place where the breastfeeding would be allowed while still benefiting from whatever facilities were available at the original location. Asking a female who is breastfeeding at a dining room table to relocate to a bathroom would not be acceptable, for example. This right is not intended to allow females who are breastfeeding to do it anywhere, anytime, without regard for other people. It’s intended to protect females who are breastfeeding such that if a particular place at a particular time has a restriction, that it also provides a suitable accommodation. A restriction without a suitable accommodation would be violating this right.

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